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Only & Complete E-Waste recycling solution for you.

Collection and Sorting

Establishing efficient collection systems to gather electronic waste from various sources, including households, businesses, and institutions.

Data Destruction and Security

Implementing secure data destruction methods to guarantee the complete erasure of sensitive information from electronic devices. Adhering to data protection standards and regulations to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of individuals and organizations.

Recycling and Resource Recovery

Utilizing advanced recycling technologies to extract valuable materials, such as metals, plastics, and rare earth elements, from electronic waste. Implementing eco-friendly processing methods to handle hazardous materials and substances found in certain electronic components.

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Our Main Area of Activity for a Green Bangladesh

E-Waste Collection and On-Spot Disposal

We specialize in the efficient and responsible collection of electronic waste from various sources, including households, businesses, and institutions. Our on-spot disposal services ensure immediate and secure handling of electronic waste, addressing the urgency of environmentally responsible disposal.

Secure Data Destruction and Sanitization

Azizu prioritizes data security through advanced data destruction methods, including degaussing and secure wiping. Our sanitization protocols guarantee thorough cleaning, ensuring that electronic devices are free from residual data and maintaining hygiene standards.

Hard Drive and SSD Shredding

Azizu offers secure hard drive and SSD shredding services, ensuring complete and irreversible destruction of data-containing devices. Our shredding practices comply with the highest industry standards, providing both security and environmental responsibility.

Onsite HDD Degaussing

Our mobile degaussing technology enables onsite services, allowing us to bring secure data erasure directly to your location. This flexibility caters to businesses and individuals, providing convenient yet secure solutions for electronic data disposal.